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Private Sessions Instructors Natalie Gurnett, M.S.

Natalie Gurnett, M.S.

Mental Performance Coach

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About Natalie Gurnett, M.S.

Natalie is our mental performance coach with a Master’s in Sport and Exercise Psychology as well as the Owner/Founder of Psych Me Up Consulting, a sport psychology practice that trains athletes in unlocking their ultimate potential. She was a former gymnast with expertise in managing fear, performance anxiety, mental toughness, goal setting, and focus/concentration.

Natalie Gurnett, M.S.
Rochester, NY
Favorite Gymnastics Event
Uneven Bars
How do you motivate gymnasts to do their best?

I empower gymnasts to overcome obstacles and achieve success. As a former gymnast, I can truly relate to the challenges that come with the sport. I'm always candid about my struggles and the hard days I faced. But I also share stories of the good days – the days when I learned new skills, conquered my fears, overcame injuries I was told would end my career, and competed at a national level. I tell these stories to remind gymnasts that they are not alone. Every gymnast faces challenges. In fact, gymnastics is one of the toughest sports in the world. But what motivates gymnasts is the thrill of achieving their goals, overcoming obstacles, and reliving their successes again and again. Success cannot be achieved without failure. That's why it's important to use mistakes, setbacks, and challenges as fuel to conquer anything you set your mind to.

What is a fun fact about yourself?
I have a bi-part patella – basically my right knee cap is broken in half but I still have full function of my knee!