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People always ask us, "what makes BQBC unique?" That's an easy question because for starters, we are the first and ONLY Beam Bootcamp in the world. Since we're only focused on beam, we're able to provide gymnasts with rotations that they wouldn't normally receive at their regular practice like confidence training, working with a judge, and hearing our staff's beam stories of how they overcame their biggest obstacle on the event. Not to mention, this event is run by Olympian, Samantha Peszek, who hires all her "cool friends" that happen to be Olympians, NCAA Champions, All-Americans, NCAA coaches, choreographers, etc. Her elite staff makes this event one of a kind, as they bring energy, inspiration, and encouragement to every location!

Although each BQBC is slightly different, the events are typically two days and four hours each day. We focus on skills, drills, choreography, dance, and judging. The underlying theme of our event is confidence, as we feel this is the most important ingredient for a great beam worker. We will also teach the gymnasts the Triple Threat, which are the three rules for staying on beam!

The gymnasts will receive a complimentary BQBC journal and pen, so they can carry it with them throughout the weekend. We have awards at the end of the Bootcamp and gift each gymnast a certificate as a badge of honor for attending. We encourage gymnasts to stay connected to the BQBC community through social media after the event as we LOVE to follow their progress and be their biggest supporters! We're very proud that our BQBC family keeps growing as we've been to 30 states and have worked with thousands of gymnasts that represent 49 states and 6 countries. We can't wait to have you part of this community too!

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What gymnasts should attend?

Each location is different depending on the level requirement, so make sure to check closely when registering! Our events are typically for level 3-10, including Xcel silver and up, but we do occasionally offer Compulsory Only Bootcamps and Optional Only Bootcamps as well.

What staff will be at the event?

Our Beam Queen coaching staff is filled with Olympians, former National Team Members, NCAA gymnasts, NCAA coaches, judges, etc. The staff changes depending on the location, but each event is stacked with an elite group aimed to inspire and educate. So far, we've had 5 Olympians, 6 World Championship gold medalists, and more than 10 NCAA Champions.

When will they receive their purchased merchandise?

If you purchased the merchandise on the registration site, you will receive it on day 1 during check in as we encourage the gymnasts to wear their matching Beam Queen swag on day 2. We will have some extra merchandise at the Bootcamps, but we only bring limited sizes so we highly suggest ordered merchandise online beforehand!

Can parents watch?

ABSOLUTELY! It is definitely not a requirement to stay and watch, however, we do encourage parents to come to the last 30 minutes of day 2 as we'll be doing an awards presentation.

What if we’re unsure of the level our gymnast will go this year?

We do group the athletes based on level, so we suggest asking the coach which level of beam skills she's mastered or is mastering. If you're unsure, you can always the level she just competed. We've had some parents get "creative"on this, so we do ask for honesty as your gymnast will have a better experience if she's in a group that fits her skill level.

What if we want a refund?

Unfortunately, we don't do refunds. If your gymnast incurred an injury since the time you signed up, we do encourage them to still attend, as not all of the rotations are on the equipment. We've had a couple of injured gymnasts at each of our Bootcamps to date and they still get a lot out of it!

My coach wants to come watch, is that okay?

Yes! We have BQBC for coaches too (only for coaches that are USAG Professional Members or Instructor members). If they're a coach at the host gym, they're welcome to attend for free. If a coach brings at least 5 gymnasts, they are also welcome to come for free. If not, we do charge $199 for the weekend. They will also receive the Beam Queen coaching PDF that has Samantha Peszek's beam philosophies and more in depth description on her healthy relationship with her coach and how he was able to help her reach her full potential without being demeaning or disrespectful.

Will there be a snack break?

Yes! We do offer a short break for the gymnasts to refuel. Please make sure you provide a snack for your gymnasts as we will not be providing any food.

What if my daughter doesn’t have any teammates going with her?

This is actually a big misconception about BQBC. Oftentimes, we have more gymnasts that come by themselves than with teammates. We LOVE it! If you haven't been to a Beam Queen Bootcamp before, we encourage you to ask someone who has been about their experience! We like to make it a fun environment right when you walk in the door at check-in. Our "family approach" means our staff is high energy, uplifting, and supportive like you've known them for years! We also love that an added benefit of our events is the new friendships that are made. This community is very special, so i fit's your first time attending, we can't wait to have you experience this for yourself! See you soon!


If you couldn't tell from our social media presence, we have A LOT of pride in our Beam Queen Bootcamp merchandise. To us, our leotards, tanks, t-shirts, and leggings are more than just clothes, it's an attitude. That attitude of perseverance, hard work, and of course, confidence!

Here are some of the amazing merchandise we'll be offering this year:

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