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Janay Honest


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About Janay Honest
Janay was part of the 2018 National Championship winning UCLA team. She's also been a PAC-12 individual event champion, and even made 36 for 36 routines one year!

Many of you might recognize her as one of our BQBC choreographers!

She was also recently in her first music video!
Check out Janay Honest's Sessions:
Polishing Choreography: Floor Polishing Choreography: Beam
Janay Honest
Favorite Gymnastics Event
How do you motivate gymnasts to do their best?
By explaining the importance of journaling and developing a strong mindset. Also by encouraging them to tap into their true personality and what confidence looks/feels like to them.
Favorite Quote
Consistency is the key to breakthrough.
What is a fun fact about yourself?
I can say my ABC’s backwards!